CD 5

6 of the Best

(originally called SFS1)

Super quality (MPEG2) full screen video
plus super stereo sound track

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Track 1

Bare Arse 25

(aka Army 44)
This squaddie has gone AWOL so he gets restrained and then his trackies pulled down to receive 24 stingers with a senior cane.

Duration: 2 minutes 22 secs
Track 2

OTK 15
See this lad get a sound spanking over his shorts. Then his shorts get pulled down to reveal a nice red arse ready for some more spanking.

Duration 1 minute 42 secs
Track 3

Shorts 63 &

Bare Arse 07
We've run two clips together here into a continuous sequence showing sam Hogan and Andrew being caned together. 6 strokes each over their shorts (counted out!), then shorts down to show two red arses for another 6 strokes each.

Duration: 2 mins 48 seconds
Track 4

Shorts 58 & 59
One of our favourites! This skinhead can certainly take it. A good warm up of 18 swats with the PE slipper to start with. Then he gets 18 strokes with the cane. This clip was originally shown as two separate ones, but we've joined them together for the CD version.

Duration: 2 minutes 0 seconds
Track 5

Shorts 60 & 61
Another lad with a tough arse! Same treatment for this lad - slipper and cane. But we thought he was being too cheeky for his own good so he gets 24 with the slipper and 24 with the cane. This clip was also originally shown as two separate ones, but we've joined them together for the CD version to give you a monster 48 stroke clip

Duration: 2 minutes 18 seconds
Track 6

Sportskit 37
{short description of image} Four for the price of one! Four sports lads are late for practice. The coach decides to teach them a lesson with his strap. Six strokes each over the bench

Duration: 2 minutes 3 seconds